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Canadian Red Cross - Preventing Disease Transmission Training

  Posted Mar 09/21 by Kelvin Cheng for OVA Referee Engagement Centre

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This season, the OVA was fortunate enough to have been approved for a Canadian Red Cross Grant to assist with modifying progamming during the pandemic. Along with it comes free access to training for our members in their Preventing Disease Transmission course, see below. As a leader in our community, we are asking you to take advantage of this opportunity and to complete the training as this information will be useful for any upcoming OVA events. The training is free, can be done online and takes about 40 minutes.

The instructions and coupon code to access the training is also below. When selecting the module, please choose the Self-Directed option. Once you have completed the training, you will be able to download a PDF certificate of completion. If you could email that certificate to Kelvin Cheng kcheng@ontariovolleyball.org and cc Andrew Robb orrc@ontariovolleyball.org, that’d be great as we need to keep track of the number of coupon codes being used.

Red Cross Training:
The Preventing Disease Transmission course was developed by the Canadian Red Cross and supports front-line workers responding to COVID-19 in low and medium-risk environments.

The course content outlines how infection occurs, how to use Personal Protective Equipment correctly, and best practices to reduce the risk of infection.

This program is provided to registered charities, qualified donees and non-profit organizations by Canadian Red Cross through funding from the Government of Canada led by Employment and Social Development Canada.
Both self-directed and virtual instructor-led sessions are about 40 minutes in length. Self-directed training allows the participant to take the training at any time that is convenient and learn at their own pace. Those opting for virtual instructor-led sessions will select from the available dates and times in the schedule.

How to get started:
1.     Visit: learn.redcross.ca
2.     Under Preventing Disease Transmission, click on Learn More.
3.     On the Preventing Disease Transmission page, your team members have the option to choose Self-Directed or Virtual training and click on Enrol in this course.
4.     On the order summary page, click on Add Coupon.
5.     Enter coupon code: ESDC-AU20-OVA-625E-TO, then click on Apply.
6.     Follow the directions to complete registration.
7.     If Self-Directed training is selected, participants complete the course independently at their own pace. They will receive an email after enrolling to confirm the details, including how to log into the training.
8.     If Virtual training is selected, participants will be directed to a booking form to select a date and time to take the training. Participants will receive an email confirming the details, including how to log into the training. Participants will receive three reminders via email: 24 hours before the training begins, one hour before it begins, and 10 minutes before it begins.

Please Note:
1.     Participants can reschedule or cancel virtual training up to 24 hours before their course begins through their system account.
2.     Participants should choose the format (either self-directed or virtual training) carefully – once they redeem a coupon, if they wish to switch formats, they cannot reuse the same coupon.
3.     It is ideal for participants to have Personal Protective Equipment to practice with during training, but not essential.
4.     We highly recommend accessing the site using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported on learn.redcross.ca.